Electric Heating Tapes & Cables
Type RPA
Type RPG
Types RPA and RPG Industrial Electric Heating Tapes are Constant Watts Output electrical heaters supplied in fixed lengths, with factory-made cold-lead terminations.

Multiple-element woven construction provides high mechnical strength combined with reduced electrical and thermal stresses on the heating element.

The RPA heating elements are individually insulated in PFA integrally woven into a glass fibre carrier. An optional copper wire over-braid can be applied (RPA/BR)

Cold-leads are made from silicone rubber insulated cable. Standard cold-lead length is 500m.

Units are highly resistant to moisture and most chemicals. Flame and radiation resistance is very good. B.S. 6531 Grade: RPA(2.1) RPA/BR(2.2).

Type RPC Our RPC Parallel Circuit Heating Tape is designed to be cut to length on site from a reel and to be site terminated to suit the pipelength required. The cable gives a constant watts per metre output no matter what length is selected.

The cable heating core is two Bus-Wire conductors.

Type RSR Nickel-Plated copper bus-wires provide the elctrical supply to a semi-conductivepolymer matrix whose electrical resistance varies with temperature. When the temperature of the matrix falls, the power output (and hence the heat output) increases. When the matrix temperature rises, the power output falls.

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