Silicone Rubber Flexible Heater Mats
Owing to their exceptional characteristics such as, flexibility, light weight, low thermal mass, even heat distribution and ease of installation, silicone rubber insulated flexible heater mats are used extensively in a large variety of applications where alternative heater designs would be totally unsatisfactory.

RTL manufactured Silicone Rubber Flexible Heater Mats will provide smooth and even heat to the surface to be heated, without hot spots, providing that the heater is maintained in permanent, intimate contact with that surface, in order to ensure constant even heat transfer. Therefore, permanent bonding using one of the methods described in ''Mounting'', below, is to be recommended.

Standard Construction

Pre-formed heating element made from high quality fine resistance wire sandwiched between two plies of fibre glass reinforced silicone rubber sheet. The laminate is cured under heat and pressure.


By twin core silicone rubber sheathed cable moulded into the heater mat
resulting in a waterproof joint with high electrical and mechanical strength.


Plain heater mats can be bonded permanently using RTV silicone adhesive systems, alternatively, they can be clamped, strapped or laced into position, (eyelets can be positioned at specified intervals on opposite edges).

Self adhesive heater mats are available for easy assembly and curing into position on many types of surfaces.

  • Low Cost
  • Easy to Install
  • Low Watt Density Electric Surface Heaters
  • Effective temperature maintenance at low cost
  • Designed for the precise and controlled application of heat without hot spots
  • Silicone Rubber insulated - Highly flexible and mechanically robust
  • Exposure temperature to 230oC
  • Constant power output with ratings up to 8000 W/m2
  • Wide variety of power / voltage ratings
  • Uniform heating of tanks, vessels and containers
  • Moisture and Chemical Resistant

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