Silicone Rubber Laminated Drum Heaters are electrical resistance heaters in blanket
form. They are designed as a simple and effective method for providing freeze
protection and viscosity control on drum contained materials .
Low Watts Density Electrical Resistance Heater
Exposure Temperature to 150 oC
Rugged & Flexible Heater Element
Even Watt Density - Even Heating
Suitabe for Heat Sensitive Materials
Quick & Simple Installation
Moisture & Chemical Resistant
To suit 210 Litre Drums
Low Cost
kw Loading at 230v


Drum Heaters are totally integrated
heating systems. The RDH Drum Heater has a durable multi-strand copper-nickel heating element insulated with high temperature fibreglass yarn and knitted into tape form. These tapes are laminated between two layers of silicone impregnated fibreglass cloth.

Ideal for Controlling the Viscosity of :
Glucose/ Chocolates/ Oils/ Greases/ Fats/ Paints
/ Varnishes/ Waxe, etc.

Feature & Specifications
Easy to install The heater is simply wrapped around the lower part of the drum and the fastener is stretched over the stainless steel closure hook Dielectric Strength All drum heaters are designed to a minimum dialectric strength of 2000 volts
Exposure Temperature Maximum exposure capability of 150 oC and its even watt density provides even heat without hot spots Moisture Proof Totally integrated and water tight vulcanized assembly prevents environmental moisture from interacting with the circuitry.
Low Watt Density Heat RDH Drum Heater provide 1000 Watts for a 210 litre drum dissipated over a 0.2m width and a 1.5 m heated length Low Cost RDH Drum Heaters provide low cost, portable, efficient heat.
Rugged Heater Element Multi-strand fibreglass insulated and knitted element wire provides the most rugged assembly available in a  blanket heater
Power Controller
rdh2.jpg (39919 bytes) RDH drum heaters are supplied
as standard with an integral
single phase Power Controller.

This is a Burst Fired a.c.Energy
Regulator providing linear
proportional control of the load
from a few watts to maximum
rated power 1000W/ 230V.

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